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Welcome to Alimusleh-Ali Musleh Muhammad Al-Shehri Est For The Computer Sales & Service

UAlimusleh-Ali Musleh Muhammad Al-Shehri Est For The Computer Sales & Service helps organizations navigate todays technology to find an optimal customized solution for each client. We have been serving businesses for over 15 years and look forward to serving you.

Since 2007, Alimusleh has been assisting individuals and companies across the World in connecting perfectly with their customers - existing or intended - to sell ideas, products and services.
The Company has its Head Office in Riyadh and its state-of-art Media Lab in Jordan. Alimusleh has worked in more than 300 Clients since last 10 years and our services have involved a consultative approach in each engagement. Alimusleh has strong business focus, technology expertise and has established methodologies for delivering powerful solutions and strategies to progressive clients like you.
The Company has end-to-end expertise and experience in managing the projects right through ideation to fructication. All engagements are undertaken as a partnership, working with the client to establish an understanding of the business needs and equirements and thereafter providing the best means to achieve them. Alimusleh is an outcome driven organization, with a passion for results in terms of s we can help our Clients anain in their quest for excellence.

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Our Vision

We Are Alimusleh-Ali Musleh Muhammad Al-Shehri Est For The Computer Sales & Service

Our Vision is to be recognized as the leading IT provider in the Middle East market by directing our activities and distinctive technological abilities to provide the most professional services and enhance our clients expectations.

Enhance communication, boost workplace satisfaction, and most importantly, improve your customers overall experience. Throughout our many years in operation, we have been able to create and hone a specific process that allows us to identify gaps in your current technology stack that are causing your business to run inefficiently, and recommend new technology, or process improvements that will solve the identified problems. When your company works with USR-IT Communications, we strive to exceed your expectations. You can expect to understand what we are talking about, and feel confident that your business is in good hands. If we find a problem, we address it, fix it, or in the event that we cannot fix it, we provide you the resources to fix it. The TP difference is seeing and understanding the technician on the other side of your problem, and knowing that we possess the tools, knowledge and experience to fix it right the first time.

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Corporate Mission & Philosophy

Alimusleh follows a Corporate Philosophy built upon this Mission Statement and we strive to:

Understanding fully the business and requirements of our Clients and Collaborators Providing Resources who are well qualified and approp- riately experienced to undertake each individual assignment Establishing close and harmonious working relationships with client staff from top leadership to the operation levels Ensuring that what is delivered meets agreed terms of reference, is presented in a clear and concise manner and is practical and commercially sound Regularly auditing and refining our quality assurance approach to ensure its continued effectiveness. Alimusleh strives to collaborate closely with our Clients and to produce the desired outputs to a standard which will provide a clear touchstone for connecting perfectly all across.

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Our business Values

Safety : Safety serves as a barometer of our companys overall success and is a specific measure of our operating excellence.
Trust : Trust is the mutual respect for and confidence in people. Trust recognizes the importance of individuals and appreciates their diverse opinions. Trust compels us to share information and encourage new ideas. It requires an open, honest, forthright manner.
Confidence : Self-confident people take initiative, handle the unexpected, stand behind their convictions and support the efforts of others. They take bold, innovative, creative actions, capitalize on opportunities, make sound decisions quickly, and mobilize the best resources for rapid action.
Teamwork : Teamwork is personal involvement and collaboration in a team environment. It includes setting a common goal in support of business objectives, making an individual commitment to the team's success and recognizing the suc- cess o(the team.
Accountability : Being accountable means every employee assumes ownership and responsibility for his or her own work, regardless of the job they perform. Being accountable means making decisions and holding oneself responsible for the consequences of those choices.
Quallty : Quality is the primary determinant of customer satisfaction and loyalty, and it requires employees to continuously provide internal and external customers with the right product or service. .

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